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Environmental Certification

Environmental Certification

With great pride and commitment to the environment, Plastkonsult AB is pleased to announce that we have achieved environmental certification according to the Swedish Environmental Base (SUSA). This accolade is a crucial part of our efforts to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The environmental certification according to the Swedish Environmental Base (SUSA) is a clear indication of our commitment to environmental responsibility. We have worked diligently to reduce our environmental footprint. By adhering to the Swedish Environmental Base standards, we have ensured that our processes and methods are in line with the highest environmental requirements.

This certification confirms that Plastkonsult AB is dedicated to:

  1. Waste reduction: We strive to streamline our recycling process to minimize environmental impact.
  2. Use of sustainable materials: We prioritize the use of recycled plastic and other eco-friendly materials to contribute to the circular economy.
  3. Energy conservation: We work to reduce our energy consumption and utilize renewable energy sources as much as possible.
  4. Environmental education: Our employees are well-trained in environmental considerations and our certification according to the Swedish Environmental Base.

This environmental certification is a confirmation of our commitment to being part of the solution to the environmental challenges we face. We recognize that plastic recycling is a crucial aspect of creating a sustainable future, and we are steadfast in our determination to continue reducing environmental impact and working towards a true circular economy.

By becoming environmentally certified according to the Swedish Environmental Base, we take another step towards becoming an even more environmentally friendly organization. Together, we can make a difference.

Flodalavägen 9, Hestra

Kyrkogatan 5, Åmål