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We recycle, sell, and purchase plastic

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Plastkonsult AB

At Plastkonsult, we work with most types of plastics, but naturally HDPE and PP plastics are the major volumes.

In the packaging industry, we recycle and grind down into flakes to manufacture new packaging such as trays and crates, etc.

To effectively protect the environment, we believe in processing plastics as close to the source as possible. This also provides economic benefits as weights can be optimized for reduced transportation

Gazelle Company 2023!

Gazelle Company 2023!

It is with pride and joy that we announce that Plastkonsult GF AB has been named a Gazelle Company for 2023. This is an award that recognizes our company for showing growth over the past years. Becoming
a Gazelle is a confirmation of hard work and commitment to delivering excellent products in plastic recycling and our goal to make a positive environmental impact.

Environmental Certification

Environmental Certification

Environmental Certification With great pride and commitment to the environment, Plastkonsult AB is pleased to announce that we have achieved environmental certification according to the Swedish Environmental Base (SUSA). This accolade is a crucial part of our efforts...

Plastkonsult AB is your partner when it comes to plastic recycling.

Environmental consideration: Through our recycling methods, we actively contribute to preserving the environment and increasing the proportion of recycled plastic in production.

Customized solutions: We understand that each customer has unique needs. Together with the customer, we strive to develop simple ways to sort materials from combustible to favor plastic recycling.

Efficiency and competitive prices: We always aim to be as efficient as possible in our processes by constantly seeking new technical solutions, allowing us to offer competitive prices without compromising quality.

We take pride in having a strong history of satisfied customers. Plastkonsult AB helps you find solutions for your plastic recycling needs. If you want to make a positive environmental impact while benefiting from high-quality recycled plastic, we are the company you’re looking for. Contact us today to discuss your needs and see how we can assist you

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Grinding plastic into new recycled raw material In Hestra, we grind packaging, production waste, as well as start and stop lumps.

This plastic is returned to the plastic industry in Sweden and Europe where new products are made from it, we deliver in Big Bags.

We also use this as raw material in production, and our strategy is to be able to productize as much of incoming plastic as possible

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