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Gazelle Company


Gazelle Company 2023!

It is with pride and joy that we announce that Plastkonsult GF AB has been named a Gazelle Company for 2023. This is an award that recognizes our company for showing growth over the past years. Becoming a Gazelle is a confirmation of hard work and commitment to delivering excellent products in plastic recycling and our goal to make a positive environmental impact.

This award is a recognition of our amazing team who work hard every day to meet our customers’ expectations. It is also a thank you to our customers and partners who have supported us on our journey to success.

As a Gazelle Company for 2023, we will continue to strive for continued excellence in sustainable plastic recycling. We look forward to building upon this success and delivering even better results in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey and who has made it possible for us to achieve this prestigious award as a Gazelle Company for 2023. We look forward to new challenges and opportunities ahead and are confident that our organization will continue to drive our success.

Flodalavägen 9, Hestra

Kyrkogatan 5, Åmål